Support Specialist



LINES OF AUTHORITY: This position is supervised by the Office Manager and in conjunction with the Program Director.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Support Specialist's purpose is to organize all functions associated with the operations of the business office, utilizing skills in computer entry and administrative and reception duties. Is expected, as needed, to meet all standards for clinical documentation, complete case management as needed, assist the Medical Department in compliance reports and monitoring, and liaison between ChangePoint, HCIC, and outside service providers.  Also required as needed, to assist the Medical Staff during Medical Officer and patient appointment, whether in person or via Telemedicine, by monitoring vital signs and performing all necessary tracking and coordination between Medical Officer and the patient.


 1.  Adhere to personnel policy and comply with agency requirements for ethical

  and professional behavior.

  2.  Greet clients at check in.  Verify address and phone are correct.

  3.  Schedule follow up appointments at check out.

  4.  Keep reception area clean and sanitized. 

 5.  Maintain an organized, efficient running front office.

 6.  Ensure that incoming calls and messages are handled promptly and


 7.  Assist walk-ins and referrals.

 8.  Responsible for typing, copying, faxing, mailing and filing of confidential and

   non-confidential information.

 9. Responsible for filing and/or scanning into HMS all Medical and Outpatient labs

  and other agency documents.

10.  Responsible for doing pre-authorizations and working with insurance companies as needed. 

11.  Protect patient confidentiality and personal rights.

12.  Take and record vitals as needed. 

13.  Handle Coordination of Care between PCP's and ChangePoint.

14.  Keeps clear, concise and accurate records and perform clinical activity and

   required clinical documentation according to policy and procedures.

15.  Track clients that are in need of labs and other medical tracking and work with

  team in arranging for services to be performed in a timely manner.

16.  Establish and maintain a working relationship with personnel and resources;

  act as a liaison with other service providers and ChangePoint staff to assist in

  coordinating patient care.

  17.  Coordinate all refill requests for Medical Officers.

18.  Duties are part of Telemed responsibilities.

Assure that the telemed equipment is on and the volume is adjusted


Assure the door to the telemed room is closed to assure confidentiality.

Act as the liaison between the support staff and the provider.  Discusses

  the daily schedule with the Medical Officer, including all cancellations,

  reschedules, no shows, crisis, and other various schedule changes.

  Staffing must take place to assure that time and duration of services   match between the Vitals/Telemed Medical Department Assistant and the provider.

With direction from the Medical Officer, assists the patient to the office.

Assure that the telemedicine consent form has been signed.

Introduce the first time patient to the telemed procedure.

Focus the camera towards the patient and their support (if present).

Document visit concurrently.

Obtains the following and document within HMS. 

o   Assure smoking information has been entered.

o  List medications and enter into HMS

o  Take all necessary steps when an appointment is missed by a patient including a call, letter, and informing the Assigned Clinician.

o  Disseminate CSPMP's as needed

o  Coordinate all duties with the other Telemed/Vitals Medical Assistant(s).

Assist in coordination of all Prior Authorizations.

Complete the Psychotropic Informed Consent.  The Medical Officer will provide the medication names and target symptoms when creating the electronic prescription.  Consent must be obtained for each medication prescribed by ChangePoint.  Initials and Signature are obtained at the top of the informed consent and initials must then be added for every medication listed in the lower portion of the screen.

At the direction of the Medical Officer, assist the patient in rescheduling their next appointment.

Ensure that incoming calls and messages are handled promptly and  professionally.

19.  Be a positive and active support of the company, the patient and co-workers.

20.  Must participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

21.  Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work

  environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes towards a

  safe workplace.

22.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the

  customer and the co-worker.

23.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Office Manager and/or

   Program Director or designee.


Frequent interaction with personnel and customers.

Frequent interaction with HCIC and insurance companies for authorizations.

Interface as needed with Medical Officers and other clinical teams' members.

Collaboration, as appropriate, with other community resources/referral agencies, with the patients' consent.


Qualifications And Experience


 High school diploma/GED.

 Valid Arizona Driver's License.

 Combination of clerical training and experience equivalent to at least one year.

 Fingerprint Clearance.

 Comply with a Drug Free workplace.

 Good people skills.


 Experience or training in clinical records management, clerical or office duties.

 Phlebotomy certification



   Fluent in English both verbally and in writing.


   Able to prioritize own workload, expedite and organize flow of front office work.

  Able to work in crisis-oriented work environment and to effectively employ

     analytical and problem-solving skills.

   Computer skills.

  Effective time management skills.

  Phone courtesy and customer service skills.


Physical Requirements

  Sitting for extended periods of time at a desk/computer; less frequently, walking,

  lifting and reaching.

Visual capacity necessary to fulfill documentation, responsibilities of job.

Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications.

Emotional Capabilities

Able to work in a setting where there will be customers who are emotionally

    distressed, in crisis.

Equipment Operation

  Able to correctly use office equipment (e.g.: calculator, copier,

  PC/word processor) and trouble shoot common office equipment problems.

Able to employ multi-line telephone system.

Environmental Conditions

Air conditioned and/or heated office setting.

Area may be noisy or congested with people on occasion.


Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.


I understand that State and Federal Laws strictly prohibit unauthorized access, use,

modification, disclosure, or destruction of confidential, sensitive or protected health

information.  Penalties for violation may include disciplinary action, including

termination of employment, and/or criminal or civil action.