Social Worker


STATUS: NON-EXEMPT Bachelor's level

  EXEMPT Master's level


SMI     Substance Abuse     DD

LINES OF AUTHORITY: This position reports to the Social Services Director and coordinates with the Hospital Administrator and the Director of Nursing.

POSITION SUMMARY: This position provides assessment and discharge services for patients, families and involved agencies.  Provides coordination and communication with ChangePoint's clinical outpatient staff, medical service staff, and other community agencies and medical facilities. This position may be responsible for supervising staff of the Social Services Department.


  1.  Adhere to personnel policies and complies with agency requirements for ethical and professional behavior as evidenced by interaction with patients, meetings with ChangePoint outpatient clinics and lack of complaints that determine unethical, unprofessional behavior.

  2.  Facilitates discharge planning per Clinical Team staffing for all ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital, discharges, including making arrangements for follow-up care as evidenced by review of clinical files and documentation.

  3.  Works with Social Services Director to coordinate activities for all ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital patients, as evidenced by review of clinical files and documentation. 

  4.  Conducts comprehensive assessments and Behavioral Health Service Planning for all ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital patients. Coordinates and facilitates clinical enrollments on all admissions as necessary as evidenced by QM/UM clinical record reports.  

5.  Works in coordination with unit clerk to oversee required

  documentation for admission and discharge during patient's inpatient

   treatment as evidenced by quality assurance reviews. 

  6.  Serves as social work representative at multi-disciplinary team

  meetings which includes treatment plan input as evidenced by

  Completion of team meeting documentation and coordination of care


  7.  Provides comprehensive range of therapies relating to discharge as

   indicated on treatment plan. Coordinates social work activities with

   Social Worker for all inpatient patients as evidenced by review of

   case management/social service notes and group notes.

  8.  Arranges follow-up care as part of the discharge process.  Communicates and coordinates with referral agencies, ChangePoint outpatient services and families regarding clinical reviews and discharge planning as evidenced by documented coordination of care.

  9.  Provides in-service training, including Seclusion and Restraint and

  Crisis Prevention training for ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital staff in

   coordination with Director of Nursing as evidenced by review of staff

  training logs.

  10.  Displays a working knowledge and understanding of restorative and

   rehabilitative philosophies as evidenced by clinical file review and

   review of supervision logs.

  11.  Performs T-36 activities and/or evaluations and assessments as

   needed for inpatient patients as evidenced by review of clinical

   records and T-36 documentation.

  12.  Serves on program related committees and work groups within the

   Clinic-wide as evidenced by review of meeting minutes and

   supervision logs.

  13.  Maintains skill level, remains current on clinical practices and meets

   state standards for continued education as evidenced by meeting

   training requirements related to social service skills/practice and  

  social services monitors/profiling data.

  14.  Actively supports the company, the patient and the co-

  worker as evidenced by documentation of coordination efforts at the

   hospital and with ChangePoint outpatient clinics.

  15.  Provides quality patient service to internal and external patients

   and stakeholders as evidenced by direct observation.

  16.  Participates in the Performance Improvement processes in the clinic

   as evidenced by review of supervision logs and direct observation.

  17.  Maintains performance/documentation practices consistent with Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (TJC standards), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conditions of participation and the ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital policies and procedures as evidenced by clinical record review/profiling data.

    18.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the

  patient and the co-worker. 

  19.  Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work

  environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes

  towards a safe workplace as evidenced by clean work area, reporting

  unsafe conditions, conditions needing improvement and implementing

  performance improvement activities .

  20.  Performs other duties as assigned by their supervisor, the Program

  Administrator and/or designee, as evidenced by review of supervision

   logs and direct observation.


  • Daily as needed and planned interaction with supervisor, inpatient and outpatient clinical staff
  • Patients, family members, outpatient and community agencies


Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Work
  • Current driver's license
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Knowledge and ability to define the needs of the patient served
  • Must be able to work flexible hours and able to travel
  • Ability to obtain Arizona fingerprint clearance card
  • Supervisory skills


  • Master's Degree in Social Work



  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team


  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of community
  • Demonstrates required decision-making skills
  • Good health and stress management skills


Under the direction of the Social Services Director, the Social Worker will receive supervision in conducting assessments and/or providing treatment to the following and through training, experience and agency-specific observations become more knowledgeable, develop proficiency and competency in the following areas:


Staff responsible for providing services to chemically dependent members have appropriate training, education, performance and demonstrate competencies as listed:

Staff must be able to gather and assess information about:

  • Knowledge of signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency
  • Knowledge of standard treatment for dependence, including relapse/prevention strategies and self help groups
  • The relationship of each patient's physical status to the dependence
  • The nature of the emotional compulsion to use alcohol and/or other drugs
  • The intensity of the patient's preoccupation with using alcohol and/or other drugs

Staff must demonstrate competency in their ability to:

  • Interpret information about a patient's use of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Develop a written summary and/or treatment plan based on patient's problems and needs
  • Provide appropriate services


Staff responsible for providing services to Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI) members have appropriate training, education, performance and demonstrate competencies as listed:

  • Knowledge of symptoms and level of functioning related to qualifying diagnosis
  • Knowledge and ability to gather and interpret information about seriously mentally ill members
  • Knowledge of signs of regression and deterioration
  • Knowledge of interventions to foster self-care and Activities of Daily Living skill development
  • Knowledge and understanding of an individual member's needs and the range, intensity and duration of care, habilitation and rehabilitation required


Physical requirements:

  • Able to cope with emotional demands as they arise
  • Able to sit for extended periods of time
  • Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications

Emotional requirements:

  • Able to work with patients and family members who are emotionally distressed, in crisis
  • Able to work with victims and/or perpetrators of abuse
  • Able to work with patients who abuse substances


  • Computer, typewriter, printer, fax, copy machine and company vehicles

Environmental conditions:

  • Air conditioned and/or heated office setting


  • ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital will provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities unless it would cause undue hardship. We define reasonable accommodation as any change in the work environment or in the way a job is performed that enables a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. We will make a good faith effort to list any special requirements in our job description.

By signing this job description, I acknowledge that I meet the qualifications, and am able to perform all job functions, duties and responsibilities. I further understand that I am responsible for promptly and effectively communicating in writing to the Agency any need for accommodation. This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed and is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required.