Residential Tech

Job title

BHPP Residential Tech


Lines of Authority

This position is supervised by the Program Manager/Charge Nurse or designee. This position may require periodic participation in peer review activities.

Position Summary

Provides activities as assigned, provide daily living and care working towards independence. The BHPP is expected to cooperate as a team member in the provision of a therapeutic environment that encourages each client's emotional growth.  The BHPP is required to actively participate with the client in a positive manner. This position will be expected to maintain an acceptable level productivity as measured by billable hours. Implements policy on infection control, kitchen usage and housekeeping.  Advocates for clients, obtain entitlements, and coordinate transportation between ChangePoint and other service providers.  Report any unusual behavior or medical issues to the supervisor and or nurse.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Adheres to personnel policies and comply with agency requirements for ethical and professional behavior.

2.  Protects client's confidentiality and personal rights.

3.  Keeps clear, concise and accurate records of clinical activity according to Policy and Procedures.

4.  Participate in staff meetings. Coordinate activities with other program staff. 

5.  Provides assertive outreach to clients who resist involvement or have difficulty accessing services.

6.  Establishes and maintains a working relationship with personnel and referral resources.

7. Coordinates and accompanies Clients to Telemedicine doctor visits and completes record keeping requirements for visits.

8.  Provide services and activities for clients in accordance with program requirements and individual treatment plans. Such services and activities may include:

  • Serve as primary care coordinator for assigned clients, Provide educational and living skills discussions and activities, ((e.g., laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, personal hygiene, Etc.) ;
  • Attend staffing and medical appointments,
  • Foster the development of independent living skills
  • Monitor client behavior, foster and model socially acceptable behavior patterns;
  • Provide recreation and socialization;
  • Provide transportation to appointments and approved activities;
  • Assist client with self-administration of medications;
  • Intervene to reduce client distress;
  • Assist clients and visitors as needed
  • Assist with activity and recreational therapy groups

9.  Must meet state standards for continued education.

10.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the client and the co-worker.

11. Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes towards a safe workplace.

12.  Promotes Infection Control following IC Plan, completing reports and checks.

13.  Must participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

14.  Supervise patient's/clients daily activities and provide ADL's.

15.  Take pulse, temperature, and respiration as directed.

16.  Meals will be served meeting nutritional guidelines and any special diets or Medical Officer orders.  At the hospital staff will transport meals from contractor.

17.  Kitchen will be cleaned and orderly following IC standards as directed by Manager, Charge Nurse, or Designee.

18.  Documentation ? Any unusual complaints, incidents, unusual behaviors, or significant changes.  These event should also be reported to the supervisor.  All progress and improvements will also be documented.

19.  Complete all required competency tests, complete and maintain all trainings in Relias.

20.  Be trained in providing de-escalation, seclusion, and restraints.  At the hospital will assist in restraints.

21.  Hospital staff will obtain knowledge of waived laboratory equipment.

22.  Keep service areas and equipment clean such as linen room, utility room or shed, closets, and pantries.

23.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Program Manager or designee.

24.  Night shift, monitor security of the property through hourly ground checks.

Primary Contacts

  • Daily interaction with clients and their support system, usually their family.

  • Interface as needed with peers and other clinical team members.

  • Collaboration, as appropriate, with other community resources/referral agencies, with the client's s consent.

    Position Requisites

    Qualifications and Experience


  • Associates Degree in any field; or High School Diploma; or General Education Equivalency Certificate.

  • Current Arizona Driver's License.

  • Fingerprint Clearance.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Comply with a Drug Free workplace.

  • Knowledge and ability to define the needs of the client served.

  • ESR certification

  • CPR & First Aid certification

    For Those Working With SMI:

    1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

    2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

    3. Knowledge of interventions to foster self-care and ADL skill development.

    For Those Working With DD:

    1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

    2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

    3.  Knowledge of Client Intervention Techniques relative to self-care and ADL skill development.

    For Those Working With Substance Abuse:

    1.  Able to identify signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency. 

    2. Knowledge of range of treatment for dependence including relapse, prevention, strategies and self-help groups.

    3. Able to provide a diagnostic impression per DSM IV criteria for Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency.

    4. Knowledge of history of substance dependence and of the biopsychosocial influences and effects of dependencies.


  • One year Behavioral Health experience.

  • CPR and First Aid certification.

  • Knowledge of entitlement process and local resources.




  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing.

  • Literate.

  • Able to effectively employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Able to prioritize, handle multiple tasks with client.

  • Ability to accurately complete difficult paperwork in a timely manner, producing professional documents, charting in client charts, and record keeping using JCAHO, NARBHA and DHS standards.

  • Able to work in crisis oriented work environment.

  • Knowledge of side effects of medications.


  • Experience and training in crisis intervention.

  • Familiar with psychotropic drugs and their side effects.

    Working Conditions

    Physical Requirements

  • Able to perform physical functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation as necessary.

  • Able to communicate using auditory, visual, written tools or use other service aides for the completion of the work.

  • Able to visually see a computer screen and various kinds of written documents or use other service aides for completion of the work.

  • Ability to occasionally assist in behavior management techniques, to physically restrain, seclude and apply restraints to aggressive customers.

  • Negative TB skin test.

  • Pass general physical

    Emotional Capabilities

  • Able to work with customers who are emotionally distressed, in crisis.

  • Able to work with customers who are SMI.

  • Able to work with customers who have been abused or perpetrated abuse.

  • Able to work with customers who abuse substances.

    Equipment Operation

  • Able to operate general office equipment.

  • Able to operate Company vehicles.

  • Ability to use kitchen appliances in a safe manner.

  • Able to operate basic outdoor tools and yard equipment.

    Environmental Conditions

  • Cooled and/or heated office setting or customer=s home.

  • Outdoors.


  • Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.

    Confidentiality Level

    I understand that State and Federal Laws strictly prohibit unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction of confidential, sensitive or protected health information.  Penalties for violation may include disciplinary action, including termination of employment, and/or criminal or civil action.