Recovery Support Specialist - Residential Tech

Job title

Recovery Specialist

Job Code


Hourly non-exempt

Lines of Authority

This position is supervised by the program Director or designee. Unless specifically designated, this position does not supervise any other personnel. The position may require periodic participation in peer review activities.

Special Population

SMI & Substance Abuse

Position Summary

Under supervision, provides behavioral health services as defined in the ADHS/DBHS Covered Behavioral Health Service Guide.  This position may involve assisting members and families with more effectively utilizing the service delivery system, understanding and coping with the stressors of the member's disability and assisting with crisis prevention and early intervention.

 Peer support services are intended to be offered to members and families who require greater structure and intensity of services than those available through community-based recovery fellowship groups and who are not yet ready for independent access to community-based recovery groups and services.  The Recovery Specialist is expected to cooperate as a team member in the provision of a therapeutic environment that encourages each member's optimal health, recovery and self-sufficiency.  This position will be expected to maintain an acceptable level of productivity as measured by billable hours.  The Recovery Specialist is required to meet all standards for clinical documentation.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Adhere to personnel policy and comply with agency requirements for ethical and professional behavior.

2.  Provide member confidentiality.

3.  Provide Recovery Support services fostering Recovery from mental illness and promoting empowerment, independent living, vocational involvement and self-sufficiency in individual and group formats as indicated in Individual Service Plans.

4.  Provide Recovery Support services to assist in the development of Individual Service Plans (and their revisions) as directed by supervisor in collaboration with various Clinical Liaisons, members and families.

5.  Assist in crisis prevention and early crisis intervention.

6.  Provide recreation, leisure and pro-social skills for member.

  7.  Provide transportation, as assigned

8. This position requires positive and active support of the company, the customer and the co-worker.

9. Must participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

10. Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes towards a safe workplace.

11. Perform other duties as may be required by the Program Director and/or designee

Primary Contacts

·  Frequent interaction with SMI members and their support system, usually

  their family. 

·  Interface as needed with peers and other clinical team members.

·  Collaboration, as appropriate, with other community resources/referral   agencies, with the member's consent.

Position Requisites

 Qualifications and Experience


·  High School Diploma/GED

·  Interest in working with the Seriously Mentally Ill members and families.

·  Current Arizona Driver's License. 

·  Fingerprint Clearance.

·  Comply with a Drug Free workplace.

·  Must have extensive knowledge about Behavioral Health System.

·  Must be able to identify as a person in recovery or as a close support

  person of someone in recovery from mental health and/or substance


·  Must be willing to share life experiences of recovery with others in order to

  provide support, encouragement and hope. (recovery is defined as: a

  process of change through which individuals improve their health and

  wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential).

·  Ability to apply the concepts of Recovery from mental illness and/or

  substance abuse with members (and families) classified as suffering from

  a Serious Mental Illness.

·  Must have a personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan in place and be

 certified as a facilitator.

·  Must be willing to disclose that they are ore have been a consumer of

 behavioral health services.

  ?  For Those Working With SMI:

  1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and  deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of interventions to foster self care and ADL skill  development.

  ?  For Those Working with Substance Abuse:

  1.  Able to identify signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and Chemical  Dependency.

  2.  Knowledge of range of treatment for dependence including relapse, prevention, strategies and self-help groups.

3.  Able to provide a diagnostic impression per DSM IV criteria for Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency.

  4.  Knowledge of history of substance dependence and of the biopsychosocial influences and effects of dependencies.




·  Fluent in English both verbally and in writing.

·  Literate.

·  Able to effectively employ analytical and problem-solving skills.

·  Ability and interest in working with the SMI members.

·  Ability to work hours assigned per week.


·  Knowledge of resources available in this community.

·  Ability to aid personnel.

·  Ability to meet deadlines for project completion.

·  Ability to organize, and schedule work to maintain efficient work flow.

·  Ability to occasionally work more than 8 hours per day.

Working Conditions

 Physical Requirements

Able to sit and stand for extended periods of time, less frequently, walking, lifting and reaching.

Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications.

Visual capacity necessary to fulfill documentation, responsibilities of job.

Emotional Capabilities

Able to work with members who are emotionally distressed, in crisis.

Able to work with members who have been abused or perpetrated abuse.

Able to work with members who abuse substances.

  Able to work in a locked inpatient setting, outpatient setting and in the


 Equipment Operation

  Able to operate general office equipment.

Able to operate Company vehicles.

 Environmental Conditions

  Air conditioned and/or heated office setting.


  Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.