Outpatient Nurse






SMI  Children/Adolescent   Substance Abuse    DD

LINES OF AUTHORITY:  This position is supervised by the Medical Officer/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and in conjunction with the Program Director at the site they are working.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Outpatient Nurse is responsible for providing nursing support which would ensure increased safety in pharmacological interventions, increased medical officer efficiency, improved customer compliance and reduced rates of overdoses and side effects.  This position performs Phlebotomy, Health Promotion and Assessments for Patient Care.  This role is a physician extender to benefit the clients and functions of ChangePoint.


1.  Adhere to personnel policies and comply with agency requirements for

  ethical and professional behavior.

2.  Implements Medical Officer orders.

3.  Provides medication education in groups and individually.

4.  Obtains lab work for monitoring medication levels, completes required

  paperwork and assists in collection lab results.

5.  Responds to medication concerns / side effects within 2 hours if urgent,

  8 hours if non urgent and 24 hours for information requests and if

  emergency exists sends client to Emergency Room.

6.  Provides face to face nursing assessments for clients having changes in

  their functioning and provides triage to medical Officer.

7.  Provides case management for Clazopine and Risperdal Consta customers.

8.  Coordinates Weekly case management of T-36.

9.  Provides Nursing assessments for AIMS, depression inventory, anxiety

  inventory, and for suicidal/homicidal ideation and auditory / visual

  hallucinations.  Nutritional and pain assessments as indicated and

  Copeland assessments.

10.  Monitors vital signs on selected ChangePoint clients; monitors for medication side

  effects and adverse reactions.

11.  Performs rapid drug screens and documents results.

12.  Administers injectable medications per Medical Officers orders.

13.  Administers tuberculin skin tests to staff as requested.

14.  Coordinates Infection Control at all sites and as a part of IC administers

  Hepatitis B immunizations to staff as requested.

 15.  Participates in quality management, quality improvement and medical staff


16.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the  patient, the customer and the co-worker.

17.  Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work

  environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes towards a

  safe workplace.

  18.  Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor and/or the Medical Officer.


Frequent interaction client, customer, personnel and pharmacies.  

Regular contact with Medical Officers and Program Directors.

Collaborates with community resources/referral agencies.

Participates in professional community as a public relations representative

  of company.



Qualifications And Experience


Graduate of an accredited nursing program.

Possess current Arizona State RN license.

Knowledge and experience in psychiatric nursing.

Current Arizona Driver's License.

CPR Certification.

Fingerprint Clearance.

Comply with a Drug Free workplace.

Knowledge and ability to define the needs of the customer served.

Knowledge of Waived Laboratory Equipment.

    For Those Working With SMI:

    1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of interventions to foster self care and ADL skill  development.

   For Those Working With Substance Abuse:

1.  Able to identify signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and Chemical  Dependency.

2.  Knowledge of range of treatment for dependence including relapse,    prevention, strategies and self help groups.

3.  Able to provide a diagnostic impression per DSM IV criteria for  Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency.

4.  Knowledge of history of substance dependence and of the  biopsychosocial influences and effects of dependencies.

For Those Working with DD:

1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of Article 9 (customer rights) of State requirements.

4.  Knowledge of Customer Intervention Techniques relative to self care  and ADL skills development.


Medical nursing experience.



Able to work within a multi disciplinary structure.

Strong verbal and written communications skills.. 

Trained in and effectively manages crisis intervention/behavior


Fluent in English both verbally and in writing.


Able to effectively employ analytical and problem-solving skills.

Ability to work forty (40) hours per week.

Ability to interpret and comply with policies and regulations, and other

  applicable state and federal requirements.

Ability to work cordially with personnel, customers, clients, community

  agency personnel and public.

Able to travel as needed.


Physical Requirements

Able to sit and stand for extended periods of time, less frequently,  walking, lifting and reaching.

Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications.

Visual capacity necessary to fulfill documentation, responsibilities of job.

  Ability to occasionally assist in behavior management techniques, to

Able to hear auscultatory sounds and body percussions through a stethoscope

Emotional Capabilities

Able to work with customers who are emotionally distressed, in crisis.

Able to work with customers who have been abused or perpetrated abuse.

Able to work with customers who abuse substances.

Equipment Operation

  Able to operate general office equipment.

Able to operate Company vehicles.

Ability to use medical/nursing assessment equipment, such as blood pressure,

stethoscope, etc.

Environmental Conditions

  Air conditioned and/or heated unit setting.


  Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.


I understand that State and Federal Laws strictly prohibit unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction of confidential, sensitive or protected health information.  Penalties for violation may include ChangePoint disciplinary action, including termination of employment, and/or criminal or civil action.