Licensed Practical Nurse




STATUS:  Non-Exempt


SMI    Substance Abuse DD

LINES OF AUTHORITY:  This position is supervised by the Director of Nurses.  Supervises directly, all Hospital RN's, LPN's and indirectly supervises Residential Techs at the hospital.

POSITION SUMMARY: Uses accepted nursing practices to train and supervise nurses providing care and treatment to inpatient Behavioral Health patients.  Oversees all milieu activities.  Works with the Director of Nurses and Administrative staff to promote and ensure compliance and proper record keeping.


1.  Adhere to personnel policies and comply with agency requirements for ethical  and professional behavior.

2.  Provide training and supervision to all nursing staff to ensure that they proficiently perform the following duties:

Implement all physician orders.

Administer medications, monitor and record effects or side effects.

Administer, with assistance, restraints and seclusion of patients when needed.

Record/report any unusual incidents.

Assign tasks to personnel in order to complete shift activities.

Assist in unplanned changes in nursing schedule to insure personnel coverage.

Complete Nursing Assessments.

Provide patient education.

Assure that program schedule, including milieu activities are followed.

Provide direct nursing care to patients.

Participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

3.  Responsible for making sure that all training documents are complete for each employee, as required, at new hire and annually.  These records shall be given to the Director of Nurses and the Human Resource Department, as directed. 

4.  Assists the Director of Nursing in staffing matters which may include but are not limited to analyzing staffing patterns, reviewing work schedules and acuity levels and participating in interviews as directed.  During staffing shortages this position is required to fill in, covering Charge and Med Nurse vacancies as needed.  

6.  Attends morning rounds.

7. Investigates complaints and reports findings of the investigation to the Director of Nurses.

8. Serves on committees as required including, but not limited to, Quality Management Meetings, Infection/Safety, and nursing staff meetings.

9.  Ensures that staff maintains compliance with standards, policies and procedures and regulatory agency requirements.

10. Participates in reporting as it pertains to Seclusion and Restraint and IRs.

  Evaluates and analyzes incident reports and takes appropriate action.

11. Constantly evaluates attitudes, morale, interpersonal relationships and  promotes ways to improve in these areas, making recommendations to the DON as needed.

12. Promotes teamwork with medical officers, other departments, and the community.

13.  Acts as a role model for staff and contributes to orientation, continuing 

  staff development and training.

14.  Must participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

15.  Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work  environment, follows safety regulations, infection control guidelines, and  actively contributes towards a safe workplace.

16. Is responsible for reporting workplace injuries to HR according to procedure guidelines.

17.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the  customer and the co-worker.

18.  Perform other duties as assigned by the DON and Hospital Administrator or

  his/her designee.


Ongoing interaction with all nursing and medical personnel.

Constant interaction with ChangePoint Integrated Health personnel and customers. 

Frequent interaction with referral sources and family members.

Occasional contact with outside provider service agencies.



 Qualifications And Experience


Associate's Degree from an accredited school of Nursing

Current Arizona RN license.

Two (2) years of recent clinical experience in Nursing

Two (2) years of experience in Psychiatric nursing or related nursing field.

Experience with SMI and Substance Abuse populations.

Current Arizona Driver's License.

CPR Certification.

Comply with a Drug Free workplace.

Job Restriction Clearance.

Fingerprint Clearance.

For Those Working With SMI:

1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of interventions to foster self-care and ADL skill  development.

For Those Working With Substance Abuse:

1.  Able to identify signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and Chemical  Dependency.

2.  Knowledge of range of treatment for dependence including relapse,     prevention, strategies and self help groups.

3.  Able to provide a diagnostic impression per DSM IV criteria for  Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency.

4.  Knowledge of history of substance dependence and of the  influences and effects of dependencies.

For Those Working with DD:

1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of Article 9 (customer rights) of State requirements.

4.  Knowledge of Customer Intervention Techniques relative to self care  and ADL skills development.


Bachelor's degree in Nursing



Able to work within a multi disciplinary structure.

Strong verbal and written communications skills.

Extensive knowledge of the special needs of the SMI population.

Strong organizational and time management skills.

Fluent in English both verbally and in writing. 


Able to work in crisis oriented work environment and to effectively employ

   analytical and problem-solving skills.

Ability to prioritize, handle multiple priorities on the unit.

Ability to work forty (40) hours per week.

Ability to interpret and comply with policies and regulations, and other

   applicable state and federal requirements.

Ability to effectively supervise personnel. 

Ability to work cordially with personnel, customers, community agency personnel and the public.

Ability to complete required reports and/or paper work ? consistently meeting deadlines.

Ability to type accurately with minimal errors.

Ability to operate computer.


Previous unit management/coordination experience.


 Physical Requirements

Able to sit and stand for extended periods of time, less frequently,   walking, lifting and reaching.

Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications.

Visual capacity necessary to fulfill documentation and responsibilities of job.

 Ability to occasionally assist in behavior management techniques, to   physically restrain, seclude, and apply mechanical restraints to aggressive  customers.

Able to hear auscultatory sounds and body percussions through a stethoscope.

 Negative TB skin test.

Emotional Capabilities

Able to work with customers who are emotionally distressed, in crisis.

Able to work with customers who have been abused or perpetrated abuse.

Able to work with customers who abuse substances

Equipment Operation -

Able to operate general office equipment and able to train others to do the same.

Able to operate Company vehicles.

Ability to use medical/nursing equipment such as blood pressure,  stethoscope, etc. and able to train others to do the same.


 Environmental Conditions

  Air conditioned and/or heated unit setting.

Occasional incidents of physical aggression from customer towards personnel,  peers and property.


  Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.


Under federal confidentiality laws, personnel of ChangePoint Psychiatric Hospital may not disclose information about customers or personnel to anyone outside the Company without the person's prior written consent and may not disclose this information to others within the company except on a need to know basis.  This includes any identifying information concerning current, past or prospective customers or personnel.