BHP Clinician



TITLE: BHP Assigned Clinician



SMI    Children/Adolescent  Substance Abuse  DD

LINES OF AUTHORITY: This position is supervised by the Program Director.  This position will supervise other personnel as assigned.  The position may require periodic participation in peer review and quality activities.

POSITION SUMMARY: The BHP Therapist provides assessments and performs as a assigned clinician and case manager, treatment and related clinical activities to clinic population with psychiatric diagnoses.  The therapist is expected to cooperate as a team member in the provision of a therapeutic environment that encourages each client's emotional growth.  This position will be expected to maintain an acceptable level of productivity as measured by billable hours, no show rates, client satisfaction scores, and the like.  The therapist is expected to meet all standards for clinical documentation.


E  1.  Adhere to personnel policies and comply with agency requirements for ethical and professional behavior.

E  2.  Provides adequate assessment, crisis service and psychotherapy using customer, family and group modalities.

E  3.  Engages and includes the customer in the timely development, implementation and submission of the treatment plan.

  E  4.  Provides services to clients as a assigned a assigned clinician and casemanager.

E  4.  Protects customer confidentiality and personal rights.

E  5.  Keeps clear, concise, timely and accurate records of clinical activity and required clinical documentation according to policy and procedures.

  E  6.  Provides current, accurate information and education on behavioral health issues to various audiences.

E  7.  Establishes and maintains a working relationship with personnel and resources.

E  8.  Maintain skill level, remain current on clinical practices, meet state standards for continued education.

  9.  Provides rotating on-call coverage as assigned.

E 10.  Ability to identify signs of abuse and neglect.

  11.  Must participate in quality management and quality improvement activities.

E 12.  Completes and submits timely case closures according to policy and procedure.

    E 13.  Supervises staff as assigned.

E 14.  This position requires positive and active support of the company, the customer and the co-worker.

E 15.  Promotes quality and safety to help maintain a safe and pleasant work environment, follows safety regulations, and actively contributes towards a safe workplace.

  16.  Performs other duties as assigned supervisor.


Frequent interaction with customers and their support system, usually their


Interface as needed with peers and other clinical team members.

Collaboration, as appropriate, with other community resources/referral



Qualifications And Experience


Master's Degree in Social Work, Counseling or Psychology or related fields.

Licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners or other acceptable state board.

Current Arizona Driver's License. 

CPR and First Aid certification.

Fingerprint Clearance

Knowledge and ability to define the needs of the customer served.

Comply with a Drug Free workplace.


  For Those Working With SMI:

  1.  Knowledge of symptoms and level of functioning related to qualifying diagnosis.

2.  Knowledge of signs of regression and deterioration.

3.  Knowledge of interventions to foster self care and Activities of Daily Living skill development.

  For Those Working With Children/Adolescent:

1.  Knowledge child/adolescent development and childhood disorders.

2.  Knowledge of Behavior Management and ability to develop age-  appropriate intervention.

3.  Able to communicate at an age-appropriate level.

  For Those Working With Substance Abuse:

1.  Knowledge of signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse and  Chemical Dependency.

2.  Knowledge of standard treatment for dependence including relapse, prevention, strategies and self help groups.

  For Those Working With DD:

1.  Knowledge of symptoms related to qualifying diagnosis.

  2.  Ability to identify and communicate signs of regression and deterioration.

  3.  Knowledge of Article 9 (customer rights) of State Requirements.

4.  Knowledge of Customer Intervention Techniques relative to self care and

  ADL skill development.



Fluent in English both verbally and in writing. 


Able to effectively employ analytical and problem-solving skills.

Knowledge of behavioral management technique interventions.


Knowledge of resources available in this community.

Familiar with psychotropic drugs and their side effects.

Ability to provide assistance to personnel.

Ability to meet deadlines for project completion.

Ability to organize and schedule work to maintain efficient work flow.

Ability to work forty (40) hours per week.


Physical Requirements

Able to sit for extended periods of time, less frequently, walking, lifting  and reaching.

Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications.

Visual capacity necessary to fulfill documentation, responsibilities of job.

Emotional Capabilities

Able to work with customers who are emotionally distressed, in crisis.

Able to work with customers who have been abused or perpetrated abuse.

Able to work with customers who abuse substances.

Equipment Operation

  Able to operate general office equipment.

Environmental Conditions

  Air conditioned and/or heated office setting or customer's home.


  Will accommodate as appropriate and reasonable.


I understand that State and Federal Laws strictly prohibit unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction of confidential, sensitive or protected health information.  Penalties for violation may include ChangePoint disciplinary action, including termination of employment, and/or criminal or civil action.